Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 017: Ishita Gupta on confidence

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Ishita has got a sweet soul,
Her virtues too great to extol.
Her schtick is that she
Can help you to be
Confident and in control.

Ishita Gupta is a confidence coach. She’ll share her own journey toward self-confidence and what she’s learned along the way.


  • Ishita’s story of how she lost and regained her self-confidence
  • Seth Godin’s non-MBA program
  • “Seth’s belief in me amplified my own belief in myself.”
  • being surrounded by people who don’t believe in you
  • addiction to underconfidence
  • “what you do can make it true” (an alternative to “fake it ’till you make it”)
  • impostor syndrome
  • How to tell the difference between underconfidence and actually being underqualified?
  • For someone who’s feeling unconfident or not good enough, what’s the first step?

You can find Ishita at IshitaGupta.com. Her Confidence Course opens in July!

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