Soup Lazers (DDR Mix)

Kyeli and I just finished our second song! (This is our first song, in case you missed it.)

It’s called Soup Lazers, and it’s in a completely different genre from The Second Sunrise. The Second Sunrise is, what, electronica/acoustic guitar pop? Soup Lazers is straight-up techno. I don’t know what subflavor of techno it is because I’ve never been able to figure out those genre conventions. (If anyone else knows, please leave a comment.)

Listen to Soup Lazers (DDR Mix) by Sweeter Than Lazers (MP3, 1:48)

Pace: composition, arrangement
Kyeli: vocals

Software used: Renoise, Audacity, The Levelator


we can shoot ’em out over the crowd

The name and the lyrics come from a very silly conversation Kyeli, Dru and I had while driving around Galveston talking about our new band.

This is the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) mix. We’ll probably create an extended mix later, but my first priority was to make a very short and danceable mix so I could create DDR steps for it. It is ridiculously fun and fulfilling to dance a song that I wrote both the music and the arrows for.

If you have Stepmania (it’s like open-source DDR that you can play on your computer) then you can dance to Soup Lazers too!

Download the Soup Lazers StepMania file (SM) 4/6/8 singles
Download the Soup Lazers song select image
Download the Soup Lazers background image

We can shoot ’em out over the crowd!

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