Hi! I’m Pace Smith. I give inspirational, life-changing talks about finding your path in life. My speaking style is passionate and personal.

I’ve spoken at many events, including:
  • BlogWorld/New Media Expo
  • World Domination Summit
  • App Camp for Girls

I’m a professional. I won’t wear a suit or talk about myself in the third person, but I will deliver an inspiring, engaging performance.


I work best with audiences who are unhappy with their current situation and looking for a change. For example,

  • entrepreneurs
  • spiritual seekers
  • those looking for a career change

If you’re not sure whether I’m a good fit for your audience, contact me and we can find out.

I speak on a variety of topics related to finding your path in life, but my signature talk is Your Mess Is Your Mission.

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Your Mess Is Your Mission

Summary: Most people feel like their mess – their bundle of personal struggles – is an obstacle in the way of their path in life. They say, “I’ll accomplish great things as soon as I clean up my own mess.”

In this talk, I flip this belief on its head. Your mess isn’t an obstacle blocking you from your mission. Your mess is your mission.

With a mix of vulnerable, inspirational personal stories and concrete, actionable takeaways, I’ll leave your audience seeing the world differently – and ready to follow their hearts.