Spirit, like Wind.

My spirituality is shifting, changing. Morphing into something I yet again can’t find books about. Like winds, invisible but powerful, tickling my senses and moving me along toward a great mystery.

I’ve been dancing with Spirit since I was little, in many many forms. I held hands with Jesus one night, when I was very young and very scared. I’ve had a Unicorn Guide since before I can remember; I used to watch her gallop beside our car on road trips and I could hear her sing to me when I was lost and alone. I see Faeries on occasion and have goblins (who are obsessed with turning the light out at just the wrong moments) living in my kitchen. I have a Dragon Guide (or… something fiercer and less gentle than a guide, really). I have patron Goddesses whom I have devoted myself to at various points in my life. I’ve worked with both Marys, various angels, deities from all walks.

And now. This year has been hard, has tested and pulled me, tossed and broken me. What now?

Now, I feel bigger, broader things shifting in the winds around me. Amorphous shapes in vague unseen colors. I can almost smell it: a tinge of electricity, the barest edge of storm rolling in from the hills, moving silent in the darkest of night.

I am an Edgewalker. This new shift, it tests and stretches my edges, taking me beyond my comfort zone and out into the unknown. I am afraid, and I am excited, and I am anticipatory, and I am willing, and I am.

I am here, now. I am what I will be and what I have been and what I am.

I am.

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