SXSWi 2011

So, it’s that time of year again; when the internets ignite with buzz about SXSW.

Pace and I don’t want to bore you with it, but we do want to make it simple for those of our people who are coming to find us when we’re findable. Thusly, this post.

Here’s where we’ll be when we’ll be at scheduled events:

First and foremost for our people, there is a Connection Revolution meetup on Monday, 2-4pm, at Texenza in the base of the Frost Bank building (aka the Totoro building): 401 Congress, Austin, 78701. We’ll probably be there later than 4p, but if you want to be assured of seeing us – especially me, because I’m far less social and will be avoiding loud crowded shindigs – that’s the place to go.

We’ll also be putting in an appearance at the Men With Pens party, but I will not be there long. Pace’ll probably be there longer, but no guarantees.

Pace will likely be at the Copyblogger party on Saturday night. I may or may not, because again, I don’t do the loud-crowded-party thing well.

The Connection Revolution meetup is really the way to go if you’re wanting to, well… meet up… with us. The second best thing is to follow us on Twitter (Kyeli and Pace). We’ll be constantly posting our locations and who we’re with on Twitter, so you can tweet back and come find us.

You can also text me at 512-686-8593 if you want to connect. Be sure to identify yourself in the first message you send. Otherwise I might ignore you. Also, don’t call – I don’t answer unidentified numbers, and I’ll often be engaged in conversation and won’t answer the ring. But I will respond to a text.

We hope to meet and/or see again as many of you as possible!

In the meantime, the rest of you have a lovely week. If you get tired of the #swsx talk on Twitter, bear with us – it’s only a few days, then our streams will revert to their usual riviting states. And! We’ve got interesting, fun, and exciting stuff coming up next week!

We’ll see you on the flip side!

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