Tasty Flesh: strippers and zombies and awesome business models

I’ve already gone on about our friend and illustrator, Martin Whitmore and his awesome business model. Today, I’m inspired by him again!

In addition to his awesome work on the Usual Error book, Marty also has many other awesome projects. Today, I’m inspired by my own guest appearance in his crazy zombie vs stripper webcomic, Tasty Flesh.

As I mentioned before, Marty is working on a community commission (now closed). The more you donated, the more cool stuff you got, all the way up to input in the drawing and a majorly awesome hug. I haven’t gotten my hug yet, but I know it’ll be awesome.

When he emailed his mailing list, way back at the beginning of this community project, it came with a special bonus offer: anyone on the mailing list who donated a certain amount within the first 48 hours got all the cool stuff and also got a cameo in his webcomic as a zombie.

He rewarded his biggest fans for being his biggest fans by giving them an offer no one else would get, making it limited, and making them feel special and cool and appreciated.

Now, I am somewhat ambulothanatophobic (afraid of the walking dead, i.e. zombies), so the idea of being drawn as one of them wasn’t so appealing to me. Did that keep me from being an early contributor? Nope. Why? Because I know Marty, and I know that he would work with me to reward me in a way that would be rewarding rather than horrifying.

And he did. We talked about it, and decided on making my cameo be less walking dead and more mysterious.

Marty (and his partner Megan) is brilliant. He constantly comes up with interesting and cool ways to support his art so he can keep producing it. He rewards his fans honestly and genuinely. He consistently inspires Pace and me, and we keep stealing his brilliant ideas (with permission, of course!) and implementing them in our own Usual Error Project. I’m proud to be his friend and business partner.

I’m also delighted to be in the strip today (though I suspect I became a meal for those other zombies). It’s amusing and beautifully drawn. Check it out!

We want to reward and appreciate our biggest fans, too. If you join our mailing list, you’ll always be the first to know about everything we’re doing (without getting too many emails, we promise!), get big rewards and lots of appreciation – and we might even offer awesome hugs, too!

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