Teeth whitening and the usual error

Kyeli in front of a teeth whitening kiosk at the mall

Teeth whitening, I thought to myself. Isn’t that something usually done in a clean, sterile dentist’s office, not a kiosk in the middle of a crowded mall?

I don’t care how much it costs. I don’t care how white these smiling people’s teeth are. I want to hear from the trustworthy dentist who says this is safe, clean, sterile, and professional. I want to see a picture of a dentist saying that this setup is just as good, just as safe, and just as professional as her setup at the office. Then I want to look up and see that same dentist on site, taking care of her patients.

When Havi was looking for an acupuncturist, none of their websites answered one of her big questions: “Will I have to take my clothes off?”

I don’t care if it’s fast, effective, and affordable. I want to know if it’s safe.

The marketing folks likely made the usual error. The question “Is it safe?” didn’t enter their minds, so they didn’t address it in the marketing for their teeth whitening kiosk. Heck, I may be making the usual error too. I may be the only one who would think about that, and so it’s not worth it for the marketers to cater to me if I’m just one person. To me, it feels like you’d be doing a medical procedure in the middle of a mall, which seems like a bad idea. Maybe most people think of it more like a teeth cleaning or brushing than a medical procedure.

My point is that it’s important to know your audience. This applies to everyone, not just marketers. If you’re having a conversation with your partner, if you’re in a meeting with your boss, if you’re talking with a friend — they have different concerns than you do. They’re coming from a different place. They care about different things. They’ll react differently than you would in the same situation.

Put yourself in their shoes. It will go a long way toward avoiding the usual error and fostering clear and effective communication.

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