Teleclass today, and 52 Weeks to Awesome pre-registration is now open!

The How to Be Awesome teleclass is today!

Yay!  Our free 52-minute teleclass is today (Monday, December 14th) at 1pm Central time.

Join us for the fun by calling 785-686-3854 and entering this code: 690957#

Don’t forget the pound sign.  (Also known as an octothorpe, which is a simply fabulous word.)

Here’s a handy-dandy time zone converter so you can be sure to call in while the party’s actually happening. (:

There’s so much to say about how to be awesome, all we’ll have time for in this teleclass are the basics. It’s cool — even the basics will be enough to set you on a path of awesomeness. Of course, you have to want to be awesome first. Our job is showing you how you can make it happen, not kicking you in the pants.

We’ll even leave time for Q&A, in case anyone has questions about 52 Weeks to Awesome or personal growth in general.

What we’ll talk about: The basics of how to be awesome. This teleclass is sort of a summary of 52 Weeks to Awesome, so if you’re curious to know more about what we’ll cover, click here to find out more about the 52 Weeks to Awesome course, and imagine that the teleclass is a mini-version of the course inside a snow globe. And on the phone.

Hope to see (or hear) you there! (:

52 Weeks to Awesome

52 Weeks to Awesome goes on sale today!

This week only, we have a nice discount and some special offers for you if you pre-register for 52 Weeks to Awesome.

  • A nice discount: The first three months of 52 Weeks to Awesome free.  The usual price is $52 (just $1 per week) but for early birds, it’s only $39.
  • A special offer: We’re taking on a limited number of apprentices for 2010, and not taking on any more until 2011.
  • Bonuses: 4 extra bonus missions for early birds only.

These go away after Thursday of this week, so take a look for more information.  And hoo boy, we’ve got a butt-ton of information for you, including exactly what the course will consist of, how it will work, all the extra goodies we’re throwing in, and the complete list of all 52 missions.

Click here and see for yourself! (:

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