The Coffee House is Closed.

As of November 1st, we are shutting down the Freak Revolution Coffee House. Membership has already been disabled; we don’t want anyone new jumping in, only to discover it’s going away in a few weeks.

This was a very hard decision, but we feel it’s the best one. The shift from the Freak Revolution to the Connection Revolution is about opening up and forming connections. The Coffee House is, by its very nature, closed. We set out to create safe space for our community to bond and make connections and play together, but we ended up making space for people to hide from the world – and we can’t breed connection by hiding.

We also have big plans for the coming year, including things that may just include a new forum or something like it, and we don’t have room in our lives for the care and feeding of more than one at a time.

And, in the end, our hearts weren’t in the Coffee House anymore. We love the people there – we’re crazy about them – but as our priorities shifted from freaky to connectiony, we found our time there dwindling. We found it harder and harder to get excited about it. It’s not the people, it’s the feel of the place. Closed. Exclusionary. Us-against-them.

We’re shifting from closed to open, and we’re closing the Coffee House to open up to something new. Something bigger. Something, we hope, better.

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