The coming wave of change.

It may come as no surprise to you, but I believe that writing can change the world. I believed it before I became a writer, but now that my own life has been grabbed by the lapels and shaken to the core, I’m even more deeply integrated with it than ever before.

I created the sale on the WCWW because I wanted to help those who share that belief. I longed for a way to show other writers that I believe in them – that I believe in you. I believe in your ability to write, I believe in your ability to change the world.

I sat with this for a while, ruminating. Then, as I am wont to do, I asked some friends.

“How can we change the world through NaNoWriMo?”

Their responses surprised and delighted me – and had me nodding, cheering, and crying.

By proving – to yourself or others – that wild, crazy things are not only possible, but can be amazing and fun and transformative. – @AuthorMancuso

Learning how to hear and write your creative thoughts – uncensored… If we could all do that we’d have so many world changers! – @Rebecca_Leigh

I can change the world through NaNoWriMo by supporting & promoting it to help encourage dreams, creativity, & self-esteem in others. Also, NaNoWriMo helps me find discipline & an outlet for wild energies. Tamed, they can become something more useful to the world. – @ToriDeaux

I find I end up admitting some of my darkest secrets to myself. That helps me confront them. – @icecolbeveridge

Write what you know = shared personal experience = what we need more of in order to better understand each other! – @worldmegan

You can change the world via NaNoWriMo because (1) it helps you find your voice and (2) it funds literacy resources. – @Silviastraka

Personal: Getting out “that story” changes everything. It becomes real, makes you real, too. Velveteen Rabbit style. At large: Writing “that story” could mean the world to someone else, and another and another. Soon the whole world is changed. – @Ellie_Di

Change can’t happen until we envision it, and fiction helps us envision it. – @CourtneyRamirez

And ohmigoodness, the response to the sale has utterly blown my mind!

We’ve gotten over two hundred people jumping in, and they’ve all been so full of gratitude and excitement – they keep thanking us! But I feel like that’s backwards; I keep thanking them. I feel like I’m witnessing a miracle – we opened up and people are pouring in. Connection is pouring in. I feel connected to each and every one of the people with whom I’ve interacted over the past couple of days. I’ve been glowing – walking around with my heart so full, I’m splashing all over everyone. I feel like I’m walking on air.

It’s not the money. It’s the love, the support, the community that’s budding around here. It’s the people who’ve said they wanted this so badly but couldn’t have it – and now they can, and it makes them so happy… and it makes me so happy. I’m struck by the spiral of love and goodness. It’s amazing.

Over two hundred new world-changing writers, getting help where they need it and getting their own writing out there into the world.

The Pay What You Can (Yes, We Really Mean It) sale on the World-Changing Writing Workshop ends tonight, at midnight. If you haven’t yet, please feel free to jump on it – pay what you can. We really mean it.

This is a rare opportunity, one we opened our hearts and stepped outside our comfort zone to offer – and that’s what we’re asking of you.

Listen to your heart. Step outside your comfort zone. Be a world-changer.

Do you feel it? I feel the world trembling a little, excited and ready for the coming change.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


Do you wish you could follow your heart, but it seems impossible? I can help you find the clarity and courage you need.

In other words, I can help you find your path.