The Second Sunrise

Kyeli and I have been so wrapped up in World-Changing Writing Workshop preparations lately, all our down time has consisted of us collapsing exhausted onto the couch.

Yesterday, we decided to do something creative instead.

We wrote a song.

(Did you know that Kyeli and I have a band? It’s called Sweeter Than Lazers, and it’s just one guy just the two of us.)

We’ve been working on this song for a while; yesterday we laid down the final vocal track and mastered it all together. It’s called The Second Sunrise. It’s only two minutes long, because we’d said all we wanted to say and didn’t want to lengthen it just for the sake of having a standard-length song.

Listen to The Second Sunrise by Sweeter Than Lazers (MP3, 1:52)

Pace: lyrics, composition, arrangement
Kyeli: lyrics, vocals
Thanks to Matt Blair for a helpful suggestion on mixing.

Software used: Renoise, Audacity, The Levelator


    good morning
so sorry moving to the sun
    still hiding
so sorry got to run
    so crazy
so sorry moving to the sun
    so angry
    so sad that we are done

to be true
what of our eyes unseeing

stew in the queue
a clue:
seeking the sun
inside of you

    good evening
still sorry moving to the sun
    no dealing
so sorry got to run
so sorry moving to the sun
    things changing
    and maybe we are one

We like it a lot, and we hope you do too. (:

I feel so much better than if we had sat around and consumed visual media. It took some effort (and a little caffeine) to get over the initial resistance to doing something creative, but I’m ridiculously glad I did.

I’m happy I chose nourishing time over down time.

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