The Usual Error audiobook!

We are thrilled to announce that, after much work, many laughs, and long anticipation, the Usual Error audiobooks are here at last! If you liked the Usual Error book, e-book, or our series of Usual Error blog posts, you’ll love the audio book.

We only ordered 100 copies for our first run and after that we’ll be back-ordered, so grab yours now if you don’t want to wait. (:

We (Pace and Kyeli) take turns reading the book to you, with some of the example dialogues acted out by our talented friends. They come in a beautiful 6-CD set – one disc per section of the book, plus a bonus CD of outtakes, including a full two minutes of Kyeli losing her shit and laughing her fool head off. The outtakes are hilarious, people. They also include some awesomely funny interactions between a couple of our guest stars.

Why do you care?

I don’t know. We can’t read your mind. (: But we can tell you why we care.

We care about The Usual Error, in all its forms, because communication is a form of connection. Practicing communication leads to deeper connection with others and also with yourself. It’s a great way to start changing the world! (See page 28 of the Freak Revolution Manifesto for more on the how and why.)

We care about the audiobook in particular because it’s a fun way for you to learn and practice communication. You get to listen to the two of us read to you, and you can lean back and soak it all up. You get to listen to our friends (who also happen to be talented voice actors) act out some of the dialogues from the book. And on the outtakes disc, you get to laugh along with us as you listen to all the times we messed up or broke into giggle fits while recording it. (:

Here it is!

Click here for more information, including streaming audio samples from the actual audiobook and the outtakes reel! We hope that it will make you really happy. (:

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