The Usual Error book is published and available for pre-order!


We’ve published and printed 100 copies of The Usual Error, the book that we’ve been talking about for months!

This is a very limited run of a special edition of the book. We’re releasing it with a special cover. Each book will be numbered. Each book will be signed by myself, Pace, and Marty (our infamous illustrator). We’ll even personalize it for you however you wish!

There are only 100 copies of this edition, ever. Once those are gone, we’ll release it under the normal cover for the normal price ($15.99 plus shipping). There aren’t many left today, because we let the mailing list know on Friday and they gobbled up a bunch. (You can join the mailing list if you want to be among the first to know upcoming things, too.) So get ’em while you can, but please, no more than 5 books per person.

The limited, special edition costs $9.99 – and we’ll ship it to you free! If you order before December 8th, we’ll even make sure it gets to you in time for whichever winter holiday you celebrate. (If you celebrate Zamenhof Day, it’ll be a tight squeeze, but if you celebrate Hogswatchnight, you’ve got no worries.)

We’re so excited to bring this to you far earlier than we anticipated!

Click here to order one for yourself!

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