The Usual Error book review roundup, part 2

(part 1)

Here are some more blog reviews of The Usual Error that lovely people have been posting. Thanks so much, lovely people! This time we’ve included short excerpts from the reviews; click through to read the full articles.

Review #1, by Tammy Lenski, a professional mediator and conflict resolution consultant:

For those of you who’ve read many of the conflict resolution bestsellers like Difficult Conversations, Fierce Conversations, The Power of a Positive No and others, there’s not a lot of new content in The Usual Error. But that’s not a reason to skip the book. Actually, it’s a reason to read the book, because they highlight, in short, easily digestible chunks, some of the best ideas out there, and they make those ideas their own with stories from their lives and with little gems that stick in your mind. They take good ideas and make them better. [more…]

Review #2, by Sari O, a Finnish university student studying communication (among other things):

At the university, I’m used to reading texts about human interaction and behavior that’s littered with source citations, concept definitions, and theoretical framing. This is not one of those texts.

At first, I have to admit, it bothered me a bit. Then again, the purpose of this book is radically different from that of scientific articles or books.

…The aim is, as far as I’ve understood, to draw attention to the different kinds of problems that the usual error causes in human communication and to offer tools with which to go about addressing those problems. It’s intended as a workbook, and as such it serves beautifully. [more…]

Review #3, by Patty Newbold, a researcher in psychology, sociology, love, and life:

While showing you how to spot these errors and fix them, Pace and Kyeli offer code names for them, so you can defuse a situation quickly. They provide wonderful little vignettes of how they have cropped up in their lives and how they now handle them. [more…]

If you write a review of The Usual Error, please let us know so we can be sure to include you in our next review roundup! (:

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