Our book, The Usual Error, is on Amazon!

We have some exciting news to share with you today, so we recorded ourselves sitting on our couch, yelling and waving our arms about excitedly. Enjoy! (:

Vlog summary: We channel Scrooge McDuck, wade knee-deep in a pile of books, discuss the best ways to ship squid, shout “DeLorean!”, and… *drum roll*… announce that our book, The Usual Error, is now available on Amazon! (But in all honesty, the vlog is worth watching just to hear our son giggle. It’s the most adorable sound on Earth.)

LATE-BREAKING NEWS: When we recorded the video, Amazon was selling the book for list price, $15.99, but just this morning they discounted it to $14.39. Yay!

This week is book week at our blog. Stick around for more fun bookish posts!

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