The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur is open for registration!

The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur is open for registration!

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A Life Deferred

Four years ago, I read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

That book was my first glimpse into the world of online business. According to Tim, most people are living the “Deferred Life” plan, where they suffer in jobs they hate and work really hard so they can eventually retire and finally do what they love.

His solution is to create a “Muse” business that will make money for you without a lot of effort — about four hours a week.

I was hooked.

Who wouldn’t be hooked by the allure of a four-hour work week, and the ability to do what you love for the other oodles of hours?

It wasn’t long before I figured out the catch.

The catch is that creating a “Muse” business isn’t easy. Basically, it’s a more subtle version of the “Deferred Life” plan, just shorter. You suffer and work really hard for a few years to create a “Muse” business, and only then do you get the reward of the legendary Four Hour Work Week.

What if there were a better way?

What if you could start doing what you love now instead of deferring anything, even for a moment?

That’s the question Kyeli and I asked ourselves four years ago.

Our answer, four years ago:

“Let’s try it and find out.”

Our answer, today:

A big fat YES.

The journey hasn’t been without sacrifice. It hasn’t been without challenge. But it has been without deferring our lives.

Right on! But how about something more concrete that can help me today?

Of course! We do, in fact, have something concrete and helpful to share with you today, and Kelly has a story to tell you about it. Over to you, Kelly!

Hi there, this is Kelly.

Like Pace, I also want to tell you a story about when I was just getting started with this whole online business thing. But she asked me to be more concrete, so here goes. I even made a diagram for you. :)

What I wish I knew then (About starting my Internet-based business)

When I first decided to start an Internet-based business, I had never heard of WordPress. I didn’t have a Twitter account. My experience with blogging consisted of a sporadic photo diary of my life that only my parents subscribed to. I didn’t know how people spent money online besides ordering from

Now, I make my living from products and services that I sell via the Internet (man, it still sounds kind of late-night infomercial to say that). Granted, I’m not living the Internet millionaire lifestyle — no solid-gold Porsches or jet setting to the Caribbean, but I have achieved something I value dearly: steady, positive cash flow — more money coming in than is going out.

We’re talking about just over three years ago.

Two Types of Internet-based Businesses

When you’re first starting out, it’s frightening to be bombarded with so much advice about so many different business models. Which one is right for you? Which one will help you meet your goals?

I felt that way when I first started out, too. But over the course of growing my business, I’ve come to group those many different ways that people make money online into two categories: low traffic and high traffic. I wish that someone had explained this to me back then, so I’ve completely broken down these business models for you, in a concrete and helpful diagram here.

Back to you, Pace!

Thanks, Kelly. I know I’ve felt that overwhelm, too. And, as you might have guessed, my antidote is peace.

What is peace?

Peace isn’t about building yourself a shelter so you can meditate in calm and silence.

Peace is about being the eye of the hurricane. It’s about stepping out into the storm and keeping the calm within you.

We know a lot about sustaining that peace within yourself while stepping out into the storm of starting your own business.

Won’t you join us?

Peace and love,
Kelly & Pace


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