The WCWW2 Home Study is available!


Today, at long last, the 2011 World-Changing Writing Workshop home study is available!

A very long time ago, way back in May, I made a decision that broke my heart.  I listened to Spirit, I checked in with myself, and I closed the live version of this year’s World-Changing Writing Workshop.  We had about 120 people, and I knew that was all I could support with the depth I wanted.

So we closed registration.  I was so sad, but I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do.

The calls started, kicked off with SARK – she lit us up and put us all in a great place to do this world-changing work.  Then, once a week we heard from other wise world-changing writers: Pam Slim, Mark Silver, Patti Digh, Bindu Wiles, and Ali Luke.  All friends, all bright shining stars in the world, all kind and loving teachers.

As an intro, Pace and I gave an overview of the entire course and dove into the 6 steps of world-changing writing in-depth.

SARK taught us to reach into our hearts and pour words from there – and dispelled the myth of “writer’s block”.

Pam taught us the difference between teaching toward the positive or away from the negative – and why it matters.

Mark taught us how to create a coherent whole with the bits and pieces we write here and there.

Patti taught us to write – whether the situation is perfect or not – and how to do just that.

Bindu taught us how to face our fears and bare our souls through writing, and how to feel good about doing it.

Ali taught us ways to make money with our writing, so we can live our dreams.

Pace and I taught how to take everything we learned and apply it to every day life, so the lessons stick and habits form and world-changing writing gets written.

And every speaker gave two concrete exercises, which we compiled into the WCWW2 Workbook just for you.

Every call gave new lessons.  So much fabulous information, so many useful ideas – and practical applications for our lives, not just airy-faery stuff.  (Although there is a generous sprinkling of airy-faery, and enough laughter to get you rolling.  It certainly had me rolling!)

And the bonuses! They fill my heart with glee!  There’s my talk with Charlie Gilkey about multitasking (don’t do it), Goddess Leonie and I take a ride on a wild donkey, Kelly Kingman and John Hedtke talk with Pace about publishing, Brian Clark and Pace discuss titles and how to make ‘em snazzy, Ali Luke gave us her ebook on great writing, Johnny B. Truant will set your blog up and Steph Metal’s epic guide will teach you what to do with it, and Colleen Wainwright deconstructs the most beautiful poem on writing that I’ve ever read.

And speaking of Colleen – we’re donating half of the profits from this sale to her 50-for-50 project: she’s raising $50,000 in 50 days for WriteGirl, an organization that helps young girls become world-changing writers (see the correlation there?)!  So when you buy the home study, you help yourself become a world-changing writer, and then you help young girls get what they need to do the same thing.

Magical, I tell you.

For the next two weeks, the home study is on sale for $297. It goes back up to $445 at 11:59pm on August 25th – turns into a pumpkin, as it were. And the 50% for 50-for-50 donation only lasts until then, too.

What could be better?  Save a ton of money, get a ton of stuff, and help yourself and others become world-changing writers.

Click this link! It is the clickiest link of all!

PS: We had dozens of sweet, kind, loving, open-hearted nominations for our contest.  You guys, you get me every time.  And then I got sick, and thusly wasn’t able to email every single person individually.  I did manage to contact the winners through my I-have-a-cold-haze, so to everyone else – thank you.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Your generosity and love never fails to bring me such warmth.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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