The worst day ever / The best day ever

Yesterday, Kyeli and I spontaneously decided to make a road trip to Galveston Island for her birthday. It was

the worst day ever!   the best day ever!
We drove for hours and hours.   We had a long, lovely drive with incredibly awesome conversation.
By the time we got there, it was so late that we were totally exhausted, and then we had to deal with Spring Break crowds filling up all the hotels.   We arrived with perfect timing, just as we were ready to turn in for the night. We found a perfect hotel with just one vacancy that had opened up 5 minutes previously, as if just for us. (:
The view from the room was mostly blocked by the awning from the entrance.   The room was perfect! It had a patio and a lovely view of the sea!
The next morning, we had breakfast at a smoky low-class diner.   The next morning, we had a yummy breakfast.
We wandered around aimlessly for a while and then browsed through a store full of cheap crap.   We had a fun walk up and down the beach, then enjoyed a brief tour through a souvenir store that had some beautiful items for sale.
Then we drove around for an hour or so looking at houses and stuff. It was boring.   Then we drove around and Kyeli showed me where her grandparents used to live, and lots of other landmarks from her childhood. It was really fun and special. (:
We had lunch at Neptune Subs. The woman who took my order was kind of surly, and they put onions on my sub and I had to pick them all off individually. ):   We had lunch at Neptune Subs. The people there were really nice, the food was good, and it was cool to see a place from Kyeli’s childhood.
We waited for like an hour in the line for the ferry, and once we finally got on, I didn’t even get to see any dolphins, which was the whole point.   We talked and played Riven in the line for the ferry, and once we were on, Kyeli saw two dolphins! It’s like a special birthday present just for her. (:
The line to get back on the ferry stretched on for miles, so we had no choice but to drive off in a different direction. We got lost and drove around aimlessly for hours before finally finding our way back to I-10.   The line to get back on the ferry was long and it didn’t sound like a lot of fun to wait in it for a long time, so instead we decided to set off into the unknown and find another way back around. We saw some cool things on the way, like lots of houses on stilts.
We got stuck in workday rush hour traffic in Houston. It sucked.   We got stuck in workday rush hour traffic in Houston, but we cleverly managed to escape it in only 20 minutes.
We had a really uncomfortable and tense conversation about codependency.   We had a really awesome conversation about codependency. It was a pretty touchy subject, but we got through it excellently and now we understand each other much more clearly.
We missed the exit for 290, so we spent hours and hours driving the wrong way and following incorrect directions from gas station dudes.   We missed the exit for 290, so we got to venture off into exciting unknown territory. We saw some very interesting things by the sides of the road in small towns, like a turret and a handjob.
Finally, we got home, played some Riven, and immediately got into a fight.   We found a fast shortcut to Austin, got home, played some Riven, worked out a temporary misunderstanding, and cuddled up in bed together.
It was the worst day ever.   It was the best day ever!

Kyeli and I were in the right-hand story, but we wanted to share both versions of the story as an exercise in positivity, to illustrate how easy it is to shift your perspective and thereby shift your reality. (: It really could have been the worst day ever if our heads were tilted in a different direction. I’m sure glad it turned out to be the best day ever, though. (;

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