This Goddess is Decluttering

I know I keep talking about it in vague “omg this is awesome” bits and bites, but today I’m devoting an entire post to the magick and awesomeness of Declutter Goddesses. (That’s my affiliate link, so I do get a share of the monies if you use it, but that changes nothing for me. I’d still sing praises all over the world from the top of mountains and the bottom of rivers for this course without that.)

The leaders of this magnificent class are Lisa of Divine Order and Leonie of Goddess Guidebook. Lisa’s an Organizer (to understate) and Leonie’s a Goddess Guide. They are both incredibly smart and loving, gentle and delightful, and I can’t even imagine a better guide for the journey of decluttering.

I thought this would just help me get rid of stuff.

I used to buy stuff because I wanted stuff. I wasn’t careful what I bought. If I wanted something right there in that moment, I’d get it. I didn’t think about long-term usage or desire.

Needless to say, I accumulated a lot of stuff. And as I grow and change, my stuff doesn’t, and I stopped wanting a lot of it… but was utterly unable to bring myself to get rid of any of it. Then, I heard about this class, and I know these two lovely ladies, and I knew they’d be able to coax me into ditching the stuff I had that I didn’t want anymore.

I happily signed up, on the basis that it was worth the money just to learn how to get rid of some of my crap.

Little did I know…

Delving into the reasons I keep things. Delving into the reasons I buy things. Learning surprising things.

I wound up in tears the first week. I was surrounded by the love and light Lisa and Leonie fill each page with, and I burst into tears as I realized that a huge part of the stress in my life is caused by the mess in my environment.

All that clutter? It piles up on me, spiritually and mentally. It prevents me from being able to work efficiently, but more than that it prevents me from feeling clear. I didn’t know how connected to my environment I am, how visual I am, or how directly related unwanted clutter is to the stress and heartsickness that I’ve been feeling for months now.

Life-changing decluttering.

Lisa the Divine Declutter-er does the declutter side of the plan. This work came into my life and stared gently shining lights on my life. I knew it probably would, but not to what degree. It’s affecting not just my environment, but my entire life.

My money issues have started evaporating. When I want to buy something, I’ve started asking myself, “Would I want this on my altar?” “Is this actually useful in some way?”

If the answers are “no”, I don’t buy it. I’m pre-decluttering – and saving lots of money. Woo!

I got rid of a ton of clothes that don’t fit or make me sad or upset. I kept thinking, “Will I wear this in the next few days?” “Will I like how I look in this?” If the answer was no, I got rid of it!

I got rid of a bunch of stuff that’s useful to someone else, but no longer useful to me. I kept asking, “Will I use this? Can someone else get use out of it right now?”

I imagined Lisa standing there with me, gently asking me these questions and helping me when I get stuck – and I can email her if I get too stuck, and then she is right there.

Life-changing magickal reminders.

Then there’s Goddess Leonie. From her, I’m learning about all kinds of interesting and magicakal stuff – but mostly, she’s reminding me that I’m a Witch, and reminding me how wonderful and powerful I am.

The first week, I wound up in tears as I looked around my house and realized how little I have that actually fuels me, and how much I have that tears me down. We had only one altar and it’s kind of stagnant and I don’t feel like I can change it.

So I walked around the house and felt like a little Faery Leonie was fluttering near my shoulder, encouraging me to see the sacred in everything I own, and if something felt wrong, I got rid of it. And then I built an altar on my desk, one that enriches my workspace and makes me feel creative and whole whenever I sit there.

I’ve learned Feng Shui and how to build crystal grids, and been reminded to get in touch with my self and my Self… and if I get scared or stuck, I know Leonie’s right there and I can email her and she’ll help me out.

Two parts of a huge whole.

I keep talking about it because it’s changing my life. I want you to take it – not because Lisa is awesome (though she is), not because Leonie is awesome (though she is) – but because it is worth every penny and every second you’ll invest.

We accumulate clutter through life, often without even noticing. We pile up stuff and create mess, and it stagnates and creates stagnation in other aspects of our life without us even being aware of it. This course gently and lovingly creates awareness, and teaches you what to do about it in sweet, easily-digestible stages that you can take at your own pace.

World-changing earth-shaking love-creating space-shaping clutter-removing treasure-making work. Even if only half of my work is this powerful and sacred, I’m well on my way to being a supernova of awesome.

The course is starting up again tomorrow, Tuesday July 14th. And to join me, all you have to do is click this link and sign up!

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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