This is what happens when you’re close to the treasure.

Megan M. writes an awesome and inspirational post about manifestation, pushing through the dip, and being a remarkable nonconformist. An excerpt:

Making decision after decision based on fearlessness, instead of familiarity and safety, can be draining. But I feel like this universe is buckling around us. I feel that if, instead of running away, I push harder… Maybe it will crumble. Maybe it will fall away and I will find myself smack in the middle of a new universe.

What can I raise from the ashes of the old one?

These are our opportunities to prove what kind of people we are, to know something about ourselves. Do we do the safe thing? The familiar thing? Or do we behave like a player character and be the hero in our own story?

So many people are content to be NPCs.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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