Today is Pace’s birthday.

Darkness broken by the flash of lightening, the silence of sleep disturbed by the loud echoes of thunder. Rain pours down, tap-tap-tapping on our window. Her breathing deepens as she settles into sleep, and I curl around her, contented as sleep claims me.

Pace and me in the light

Morning banishes the storm, sunlight streams through the window. She wakes, her soft brown eyes peering through the haze of sleep, grins that sweet sleepy smile, and our lips brush for the first time this day – my favorite moment. We snuggle, our warm skin pressing together under our floofy comforter, kittens napping on our knees. We discuss our day, full of togetherness and joy, laughter and love.

She is my love, my partner in life, in business, in dreams. We fill our days with passions and determination, we face fears together, we challenge each other, we comfort each other. I am filled with love and light, joy at her every moment with me.

Happy birthday, Pace. I love you.

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