Today’s the last day to Pay Whatcha Wanna for anything in our store! It all goes away tomorrow.

Today we’re giving you a peek behind the curtains. A glimpse of some of the offers we’ve received, why we’re shelving everything we’ve worked so hard to create in the past three years… and what’s coming up next!

Today, we’re feeling the love. We’ve received generous, kind, and heartfelt offers from:

  • a 17 year old who wants to build a profit based business to fuel her good work
  • an unemployed woman who wants to write about the Health At Every Size philosophy
  • a new mother passionate about creating a business with her husband
  • a grad student feeling a calling to be a postpartum doula
  • a youth-worker who helps people with dyslexia and ADHD create ease in school and in life
  • a lurker-until-just-now who wants to help artists learn that they can make a living from their performing without being a sellout
  • a woman working to pull herself out of the poverty of low self-esteem
  • a blogger and teacher creating an eCourse on body acceptance
  • a couple who are starting a business making high end dog beds, and who give beds to shelters and dogs in need
  • a friend who’s been bored at work lately and wanted something good to read
  • a woman who is terrified of writing, but knows that it is her path to healing
  • an enlightened energy worker, with a background in science
  • …and oodles and oodles more!

We’re also feeling the finality of it all. We’ve worked hard over the past three years to create all these programs, and at midnight tonight, they’re all going away.

It’s scary.

It would be easy to just coast. It would be easy to just keep doing what we’re doing – to just keep teaching the same courses, to make them a little better each year, and just keep doing that.

There’s nothing wrong with letting it be easy! Heavens, no! By all means, let it be easy. But when you’ve made a commitment to follow your heart, your heart doesn’t always lead you down the easy path.

Our hearts are leading us toward a path of teaching, of coaching, of edgewalking. Our hearts yearn for a coherent body of work, like we learned about from Mark Silver in WCWW2. Our hearts long to apply everything we’ve learned in the past three years to create a transformational learning and growth experience for our students.

And to make this dream into reality, we must create space for it. And that means letting go of our current offerings.

This sale is our way of gently letting go of our current offerings in a way that expresses our gratitude for your support of us, our business, and our mission – and also allows us to remain in integrity to our hearts and our business.

And so, today is the final day of the Pay-Whatcha-Wanna sale. This is your last opportunity to get:

  • The 1st Annual World-Changing Writing Workshop
  • The 2nd Annual World-Changing Writing Workshop
  • The 3rd Annual World-Changing Writing Workshop
  • 52 Weeks to Awesome
  • The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur
  • Profitable Idealism
  • Engaging eCourses

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In service and gratitude,
Pace & Kyeli

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