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Today’s the last day for 52 Weeks to Awesome early bird registration!

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52 Weeks to Awesome in the news

Several people have interviewed us via email about 52 Weeks to Awesome, and we also did a fun phone interview with Johnny B. Truant, wherein he asked us lots of science-y questions about how exactly we define awesome and how you can measure whether you succeed in becoming awesome. It’s neat, go listen! (:

Our Second Book

After the success of The Usual Error, we immediately started thinking about writing a second book.  We already knew exactly what we wanted to write about, and we even had a working title: How to Be Awesome.

But then, we noticed something important.  Even though the book form of The Usual Error helped a lot of people improve their communication and their relationships, our Usual Error workshops helped even more.  We got far more "this changed my life" feedback from workshop attendees than we did from book readers.

That got us thinking.  Even with all the learning modalities in The Usual Error book, the one that a book can’t cover very well is learning by doing.  It’s easy to consume a book passively, never getting up out of your chair.  With a workshop, especially a live, in-person workshop, it’s much easier to get people active and engaged.  However, you can only interact with a few people at a time at a workshop, and there are a lot of logistics involved in traveling around to various cities around the world.

How could we combine the best of both worlds?

That’s when we decided to morph How to Be Awesome (the book) into 52 Weeks to Awesome (the e-course).  We cover the same material we would have written in the book, but we focus more on engaging you so that you’re not just reading passively.  It’s an interestingly different style of writing, and we’re confident that it will be more effective in doing what it’s meant to do, which is helping you live a more awesome life.

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