Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow, pre-reg opens for the World-Changing Writing Workshop.

We are seriously excited!

We’ve been spending seemingly endless hours pouring our hearts into this workshop, scouring the questions you put to us, and fine-tuning everything to near-perfection. We’ve got an all-star lineup (including yourses truly!) that’s gonna totally rock your socks. And, we’ve got a bundle of big surprises and bonuses for you! (Jump on the list if you want in on the overview!)

As a super-special pre-launch surprise presenty thing, today we give you the MP3 of the Five Keys to World-Changing Writing report we released last week (read by me (Kyeli)!).

The MP3 is a totally free pre-launch presenty thing, is only about 12 minutes long, and really brings the report to life (even if I do say so myself (and I do)). (;

Get the MP3 here – and keep your eyes peeled. Tomorrow morning, we launch the World-Changing Writing Workshop, and you’re in for a real treat! Whee!!

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