Update: 30-Day Health and Reconnection Experiment

April's Hidden Habitat

Hello and welcome to the mid-month Health and Reconnection Experiment Update!

To recap, my goals are:

  • exercise 6 days per week
  • eat a simple, healthy breakfast every morning
  • no eating after 9pm
  • limit my soy intake to soymilk
  • limit my soymilk intake to only tea and coffee (and drink more tea, less coffee)
  • meditate for at least 15 minutes a day
  • write for at least 20 minutes a day
  • have one internet-free day per week

In general, I’m not feeling gobs better yet, but I’m not surprised by that at all. It takes at least three weeks for my body to go from “horrible” to “decent”, and then we go from decent to great much faster.

The two hardest things are exercising and not eating after 9p.

The interesting thing about not eating after 9pm is that I’ve pretty much stopped snacking (obviously except for the donuts). I was afraid I’d launch into mega-snacking, eating more than I ate before because of the time limit – especially late in the day. I figured between 8 and 9, I’d eat a ton. I was prepared for that, and I’d decided to just let it happen if it did. I’m not out to control myself, I’m out to form better habits – and sometimes that means allowing bad ones to happen while you undo worse ones. But that hasn’t happened at all! I’m surprised by the decrease in snacking – I tend to be a big snacker. But now, I just don’t. It’s just not important. I don’t feel the need, most times. I do snack at about 4p every day, but I’m not just blindly munching – I’m actually hungry, and need something to carry me through til dinner. And I’m eating apples or pretzels instead of crap.

Exercising is hard because of timing. I like to get up no earlier than 8am – it increases the awesomeness of my day hugely. 8am is, however, the latest I can get up in order to get Pace to her day job in time. To compound it, I hate showering more than once a day, need to shower directly after I exercise, and need to shower first thing in the morning. So, I’ve been struggling with that. No solution yet, but still working on it.

Eating a healthy breakfast has proven harder than I thought (see the time conflict, above). I bought yogurt, so I could have a quick-and-easy solution, and that certainly helped.

Cutting out soy proved to be very simple – until we had Thai. I always get tofu in my Thai food, so I branched out and tried something new. Fun and yummy! And it’s been equally easy to drink more tea and less coffee – I love tea, so I’ve been having some every day. And the tiny bit of caffeine in tea is mitigating my craving for coffee.

Pace and I have been meditating together, which has helped ginormously. Instead of 15 minutes a day, we’re doing two 10-minute sessions. It’s working really well – I think I’m going to add another session in there, too. I’m feeling more peaceful and more connected to myself, my wife, my cat, and (most importantly) the Divine. Very good.

Writing every day has been mixed. I decided that my daily practice writing is just for me. If I manage a blog post, that’s awesome – but that’s not the point of the practice – the point is, write. Write just for me. This has been helping me clear out the gunk so I can get the good stuff written for you guys to read and enjoy. But I’ve had a few days when I was feeling moody and not wanting to write, so I struggled with it then. In general, though, it’s been very good.

I found my peak creative time – in the mornings, I think it’s from about 10a-1p. When I write in the mornings, I’m more able to write in the afternoons! I’ve noticed that as a pattern, too. I’m going to shift my schedule to accommodate as much of this as I can.

And finally, the internet-free day. I chose Sundays, because we usually don’t work on Sunday and it’s far easier to disconnect. Results are mixed – I get bored and restless, I don’t see the point, I get whiny, then I get immersed in a book and hours fly by. All in all, probably a good thing, but I’m not sure I’ll force it after April.

I’ve been enjoying this process so far. I’m surprised I’m already half-way through – and I’m hoping to resolve the exercise problem soon and get back in the swing of things. I’m already feeling slightly better, and hoping for even more positive results by the end of the month.

What about you? Are you doing any kind of 30-day trial? How’s it going?

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