The Upward Spiral is a 4-week course to help you tweak your life to lift you up instead of keeping you down.

You’d love to do what you want to do and be who you really are. You’d love to fully express your brilliant, deviant, madly awesome self. You’d love to follow your heart.

But every time you try, the fear returns.

Am I good enough?
What if I fail?
What will everyone think of me?
Where is the money for that going to come from?

The fear keeps you stuck. You feel afraid, you get stuck, you beat yourself up for getting stuck, you feel worse about yourself, you get more stuck.

Your life – the people around you, the beliefs in your head, your habits, your environment – pushes you down and keeps you down.

You’re stuck in a downward spiral.

What if your life lifted you up instead of keeping you down?

What if you could tweak your life to lift you into an upward spiral?

I’ve gotten stuck in my own downward spiral for a long, long time. It was miserable. I felt afraid or numb all the time. I thought I would be stuck there for the rest of my life. “That’s just the way it is,” I told myself.

But I didn’t stay stuck forever. I broke free of that downward spiral.

And now I’d like to help you break free, too.

The Upward Spiral


The Upward Spiral is a 4-week course, taught online and on the phone, to help you tweak your life to lift you up instead of keeping you down.

We’ll teach you how to swap out the pieces of your downward spiral for shiny new pieces of an upward spiral. Through learning, love, commitment, and lots of little baby-step actions, you will clean house in your physical, mental, emotional, and social environments. You’ll sweep out the bad and bring in the good. And you’ll have a safe, supportive community of other students in the class to help you along the way.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Move forward confidently instead of staying stuck
  • Share your true thoughts and feelings with the world
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Handle awkward social situations calmly and gracefully
  • Break daunting tasks down into smaller, unscary pieces
  • Feel supported and encouraged
  • Follow your heart, even if others think you’re crazy

You’ll get the most out of this course if:

  • Fear stops you from doing what you wish you could do.
  • You often get stuck in a downward spiral.
  • You’re tired of staying stuck in this downward spiral, and you’re ready to put in 4 weeks of commitment and effort to break free of it.
  • You’re willing to show up and be vulnerable.

Here’s how the course works.

As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email telling you everything you need to know about the course. You’ll have the opportunity to get oriented and meet the other students. Then, on Monday, April 1st when the course begins, there will be a live teleclass that you can call into with any phone or device that can call a U.S. phone number. The times and dates are below, and if you can’t make the live teleclass, you can listen to the recordings. Each weekday, Monday through Friday, you’ll be given a bite-size activity in video or text that will help the upward spiral take root in your life. Each Thursday, we’ll be available for office hours, to help you and answer your questions. We’ll all rest over the weekend, and then we’ll do it again the next week for 4 weeks total.

And throughout the week, you’ll have access to online discussion boards where you can interact with the other students and ask for help.

Here’s what you’ll learn each week.

  • Week 1: Self-Love
    In Week 1, we’ll help you practice self-love. Being hard on yourself fuels the downward spiral; being kind to yourself fuels the upward spiral. We’ll discuss pronoia, practical positivity, the triple soul, and help you cultivate a self-love practice that works for you.

  • Week 2: The Easy Win
    In Week 2, you’ll make friends with success. You’ll learn how to break daunting tasks down into baby steps, and you’ll take the first itty bitty baby step on your own upward spiral.

  • Week 3: Curiosity and Permission
    In Week 3, you’ll make friends with failure. You’ll learn the importance of futzing and how you can futz without fear. You’ll attempt something new, you’ll fail, and you’ll be loved and supported throughout.

  • Week 4: You Are Not Alone
    In Week 4, you’ll learn about the importance of receiving support and encouragement from those around you. You’ll learn how to make changes in your “social ecosystem” that will help keep you in an upward spiral.

Teleclass Times/Dates

Each week begins with a teleclass to teach you about the week’s topic.

  1. Mon Apr 1, 10am-11am Pacific / 1pm-2pm Eastern
  2. Mon Apr 8, 10am-11am Pacific / 1pm-2pm Eastern
  3. Mon Apr 15, 10am-11am Pacific / 1pm-2pm Eastern
  4. Mon Apr 22, 10am-11am Pacific / 1pm-2pm Eastern

Don’t worry; if you can’t make the live classes, you can listen to the recordings.

Office Hours Times/Dates

Office hours are entirely optional, in case you need help or have questions. They’re informal and relaxed (and not recorded) and it’s totally fine to show up just to listen in.

  1. Thu Apr 4, 6pm-7pm Pacific / 9pm-10pm Eastern
  2. Thu Apr 11, 6pm-7pm Pacific / 9pm-10pm Eastern
  3. Thu Apr 18, 6pm-7pm Pacific / 9pm-10pm Eastern
  4. Thu Apr 25, 6pm-7pm Pacific / 9pm-10pm Eastern

If you can’t make office hours, no worries; we can help you and answer your questions at the online discussion boards.

What we ask of you

To create an upward spiral in your life will require two bits:

  • A bit of time. 1 hour per week for the teleclass (or recording), plus some time each weekday for the activities.
  • A bit of courage. The downward spiral is familiar and comfortable, despite the fact that it totally sucks. It will take a little bit of courage to take a little bitty step into something new. We can’t take that first step for you. We will teach you and guide you, but you’ve got to take that first tiny step.

If you don’t have enough time or courage right now, that’s okay. We’d prefer you say no wholeheartedly than join the course halfheartedly. And we’d like to offer you a free hour-long audio class along with our best wishes.

If you do have the time and courage, let’s do this. Let the upward spiral begin!

Our promise to you


If you don’t get what you hope to get out of this course, you get your money back.

Right now, think about what you hope to get out of The Upward Spiral. Register and give it your best shot. At the end, think about whether the course met your hopes and expectations. If so, that’s fantastic! If not, you get your money back with no hassle.

We’re teaching this class because we want to help you, and if we don’t help you, we don’t want to keep your money. It’s as simple as that.

The Upward Spiral consists of:

Four 1-hour-long teleclasses, one per week, consisting of teaching, interaction, and Q&A
Recordings of the teleclasses in MP3 format, edited to reduce noise and balance speaker volume
Office hours each week, where we will be available to help you and answer your questions
20 bite-size multimedia activities, 5 each week, to help the upward spiral take root in your life
Accountability for the coursework and activities, via the online learning environment Ruzuku
Optional email reminders of the teleclasses and activities, to help you keep organized
Connection with other students in the class, via small groups and online discussions

Sorry, registration for The Upward Spiral is now closed.

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Much love,
Pace and Kyeli