Wanted: A new friend.

This is our first Very Personal Ad, a lovely tradition started by the lovely Havi.

Here’s what we want:

A new friend who…

is compassionate, ambitious, peaceful, and idealistic.
is spiritual but not religious.
lives in or near Austin.
is passionate about making the world a better place.
has healthy boundaries and knows how to hold them.
enjoys communication theory and practice.
is passionately dedicated to personal growth.
is vegetarian and a non-smoker.
is an entrepreneur.
is money-positive.
is empowered and biggified.
is queer or queer-friendly.
is sensitive, but not a drama queen.
is generally sensual but not sexual in manner.
likes to live a TV-free, news-free, and politics-free life.
is happy to learn and speak our languages of friendship.
has their shit together.
is generally happy, cheerful, and positive.
loves themself — body, mind, and soul.

Our commitment:

We will do our darnedest to find you.
We will be good friends to you.
We will be open, honest, and kind with you.
We will enjoy your company thoroughly and be thoroughly good company for you.
We will make time for you.

How this could work:

As of today, we have started looking for you in earnest. We might meet you at the local UU church, on Triiibes, in our Coffee House, at a yoga gathering, a meditation group, a Zen meetup, a Feri gathering, an NVC class, at the Human Potential Center, through an advanced personal development course, a TV-free group, in a gaggle of queer geeks, on the Kitchen Table, in the Third Tribe, on Steve Pavlina’s forums, among raw foodists, through the Austin Small Business Association, or this week at SXSW.

We might realize that one of our existing friends is actually you, and we didn’t realize it until now.

We might meet you in an unexpected and serendipitous way.

Or you might read this and get in touch with us at paceandkyeli@PaceAndKyeli.com or by leaving a comment right here.

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