“She was cold and businesslike. I told her my troubles, she quoted me a price, and the deal was sealed. Strictly business.”

Why does “businesslike” mean cold? Why does “businesslike” mean heartless, devoid of compassion, only caring about making money?


I’m an entrepreneur. I do business. But I’m not cold. I’m not heartless. I care about my clients and customers. I want to do good in the world and make money.

And there’s a small army of businesspeople at my back who feel the same way.

Let’s put the love back into business.

You can do business without losing your heart.

You can do business without selling out.

You can do business without treating people like numbers.

“She was warm and businesslike. I told her my troubles, she listened with a sympathetic ear, and we worked out an agreement that felt good to both of us. Strictly business.”

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