WCME 002: Change CAN be easy, with Andrea Isaacs

Andrea Isaacs' domain Is helping you grow and retrain. She teaches you movement to spur self-improvement that physically changes your brain.

Andrea Isaacs will show you how to physically embody the strength of each Enneagram type, proving that change can be easy! Yes, it totally works over audio; I tried it myself during the podcast!


  • EnneaMotion
  • embodying “8 energy”
  • doing EnneaMotion in a wheelchair
  • “Our comfort zone is where our personality lies.” -Andrea Isaacs
  • emotional flexibility
  • somatic focusing
  • how to reprogram your subconscious after your head hits the pillow
  • catching your subconscious red-handed
  • the importance of phrasing your mantra positively
  • “If you had all that, what would that feel like?”
  • Is it possible to have too much emotional flexibility?

AndreaIYou can find Andrea at EnneaMotion.com.

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