WCME 004: Exploring Type One, the Reformer.

You couldn't be wiser or fairer. You just want to help; be the bearer of good advice, though the advice that you know is prone to the usual error.
Path #1: The Jewel in my heart is Goodness. When my Jewel shines clearly, I reflect Goodness into the world like Gandhi, in service of rightness and justice. When my Jewel is obstructed by self-hatred or by the voice of my harsh inner judge, my essential Goodness can come across as self-righteousness or nitpicky perfectionism. I’m trying my best to find my essential Goodness, and I need to remember that I can’t get that by living up to my impossible inner standard of rightness; I can only find true Goodness by learning to be present with myself as I am.


  • the usual error
  • “you are perfect”
  • The Paradox of Perfection
  • resentment, martyrdom
  • The One’s stress and security points
  • Why Ones are awesome
  • Holy Perfection
  • let yourself be witnessed with compassion
  • distinguish your inner judge’s voice from your own voice
  • self-care and play
  • be vulnerable
  • don’t repress the parts of you that you don’t like
  • acceptance of others, self-acceptance
  • how you can harness your personality instead of trying to repress it


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