WCME 009: Empowered living, with Nancy Markow

To the blossom who hasn't yet flowered, To the hero who feels like a coward: Nancy Markow Will now show you how To live your own life more empowered!
Nancy Markow will teach you the “four friends” technique for self-empowerment!

  • BVD (Blame, Victim, Defense)
  • Your “four friends”: 2 arms (wings), 2 legs (stress and security points). Your four friends are the four types you are connected to on the Enneagram figure. Your two arms are your neighbors on the circle, and your two legs are the types you’re connected to via the inner lines.
  • walking the “type rope”
  • we go around the circle from 1 to 9, embodying the awesomeness of each type
  • Pace on the spot: working the four friends technique with an actual example
  • How to remember to use this technique when you need it
  • Nancy’s story of working the four friends technique with an actual example
  • Kyeli on the spot: working the four friends technique with an actual example
  • The bathroom is such a spiritual place!


You can find Nancy at connectingyouwithyourself.com.

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