WCME 020: Exploring Type 6, The Loyal Skeptic

Are they against or beside you? Are they unworthy to guide you? When you look out- Side yourself, you will doubt Everyone, so you'd best look inside you.

Path #6: The Jewel in my heart is Guidance. When my Jewel shines clearly, I reflect Guidance into the world like Ellen DeGeneres, building connection so we can all work together for the common good. When my Jewel is obstructed by anxiety, my essential Guidance can come across as skepticism or blind obedience to authority. I’m trying my best to find my essential Guidance, and I need to remember that I can’t get that from any person or organization outside myself; I can only find true Guidance by learning to trust the inner wisdom of my heart.

  • “Being a six: wanting to know for sure more than anything else in the universe, while simultaneously believing that knowing anything for sure is fundamentally impossible.” -Seanan Kristine Thomas
  • polarity push-pull: The Loyalist vs. The Skeptic
  • phobic vs. counterphobic Sixes
  • security, knowing the rules, wanting to know what’s expected
  • The center of the Thinking triad, feeling and doing are mushed together
  • The Jewel of the Six
  • The Passion of the Six: Fear (shows up as anxiety)
  • the inner committee
  • hypervigilance (but not like a Two’s hypervigilance)
  • stress and security points: 3 and 9
  • Meditating HamsterEnneagram Sixes: Take your hamster out of that wheel and onto a meditation mat!
  • Walk barefoot in the garden, despite the snake.
  • Notice your decision-making process.
  • Get past the safety dip; kick the duck
  • Why Sixes are awesome: persistence, Hufflepuff, community, faith
  • Holy Strength and Holy Faith – based on direct experience, not blind!


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