WCME 023: Exploring Type 5, The Observer

In balcony, never on stage. On mountaintop, like a wise sage. Still feeling unsteady? You'll never feel ready. It's safe to step out and engage.

Path #5: The Jewel in my heart is Clarity. When my Jewel shines clearly, I reflect Clarity into the world like Albert Einstein, exploring an area in exquisite detail until I grok it in fullness. When my Jewel is obstructed by fear of being unsafe, my essential Clarity can come across as aloofness or detachment. I’m trying my best to find Clarity, and I need to remember that I can’t get that from the outside; I can only find true Clarity by being willing to jump into life and experience it as a participant, not just an observer.

  • Fives think their feelings
  • hoarding (actual or metaphorical)
  • reading books about spirituality
  • Acting like an unhealthy Seven (Enthusiast) when under stress
  • Fives and Nines (Peace-Seekers) can look similar from the outside; here are the key differences
  • The path of growth for a Five
  • Acting like a healthy Eight (Challenger) when feeling safe
  • Holy Omniscience, Holy Transparency (not wholeness itself, but the facets of wholeness)
  • inner clarity, not outer clarity

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