WCME 030: Exploring Type Three (The Performer)

What is this success you're pursuing? Who are you when no one is viewing? So let me suggest: If none were impressed, What would you still do that's worth doing?
Path #3: The Jewel in my heart is Value. When my Jewel shines clearly, I reflect Value into the world like Oprah Winfrey, using my own gifts to inspire others and help them realize their own value. When my Jewel is obstructed by vanity or ambition, my essential Value can come across as deceit, manipulation, or self-centeredness. I’m trying my best to feel worthy and valuable, and I need to remember that I can’t get that from achieving success in the world; I can only find true Value by being open, vulnerable, and authentic.

  • fear of being worthless, without intrinsic value
  • what does success mean to you? It may be different based on your instinct.
  • A Three is like a chameleon
  • Threes believe their own press releases
  • workaholism
  • competition, being the best
  • The #enneagram 3’s warning label: “I will lie to you and neither of us will know it”
  • vanity (Oprah’s fatal flaw)
  • The importance of alone time to Threes
  • learning from the nurturing parent that the way to get love is to achieve
  • “Are you happy?”
  • Threes have two modes: robot mode (thinking+doing) and feeling mode
  • Comparing Threes and Sevens (The Enthusiast)
  • how 3 disintegrates to 9
  • notice when you’re wearing a mask
  • self-care before you desperately need it
  • vulnerability and intimacy
  • what’s unimpressive but still worth doing?
  • meditation
  • Three integrates to Six (The Loyal Skeptic): being of service as part of a group, but not the leader!
  • the real thing I love most about being a 3: value & inspiration
  • rest rest rest flow > slog slog slog slog
  • Peaceful Productivity

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