WCME 031: Introduction to the Spiritual Dimension of Type Three (Essential Law, Essential Harmony, Essential Hope)

In the endless blue sea, I'm an otter. I eat fish and I avoid slaughter. I succeed at this game; I've achieved otter fame! But the truth? I'm a droplet of water.

  • Why it’s hard for Threes to accept help
  • Let’s topsy-turvyize your understanding of cause and effect.
  • Let’s topsy-turvyize your understanding of life and death.
  • A neuron might say, “I wonder if there is a God-Person and if so, where?” The neuron thinks the God-Person is somewhere outside, or on a “different plane of existence”, but in fact the neuron is part of the God-Person!
  • “‘Spiritual’ isn’t a separate plane of existence, it’s a zoom level.” -Pace Smith
  • Essential Law: You’re the water, not the otter.
  • Essential Harmony: What does it mean for a water current to win or lose?
  • Essential Hope: Falling in love with the Divine

WCML 047: God as an emergent property of the universe

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