WCME 033: Exploring Type Two (The Helper)

type 2 helper
Path #2: The Jewel in my heart is Unconditional Love. When my Jewel shines clearly, I reflect Unconditional Love into the world like Mother Teresa, embodying kindness and wholehearted generosity. When my Jewel is obstructed by my own need to feel appreciated for everything I give to others, my essential Love can come across as codependence or passive-aggression. I’m trying my best to find Unconditional Love, and I need to remember that I can’t get that from helping others or being needed; I can only find true Unconditional Love by being honest with myself about my true motivations.

  • “I must give in order to get”: conditional love vs. unconditional love
  • Two acts like Eight (The Challenger) under stress
  • How Twos can end up in codependent relationships
  • Feeling mixed with Doing: Twos “do their feelings”
  • How the whole feeling triad (Two, Three, and Four) deals with feeling worthless, and how Twos deal with it in particular
  • Twos have trouble expressing their needs directly, and this can come across as passive-aggressive
  • Sometimes Twos cross personal boundaries in an attempt to be overhelpful
  • Acknowledge your dark side. Notice your own flattery.
  • Not everyone will like you.
  • Translate others’ love languages so you can feel loved without making the usual error
  • Notice your pride (which may look like humility)
  • Ask yourself: “Why am I saying yes?”
  • Separate feeling from doing. Accept all your feelings without filtering, without doing – like a healthy Four.
  • Use “personality judo” to love yourself fiercely and take good care of yourself.
  • Transform your love scarcity into love abundance. You don’t have to get love, you are love.
  • Essential Will, Essential Freedom

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