WCME 050: Personality Judo: Using the power of your personality type to work for you instead of against you

The advice “Do self-work!”, oft dispensed,
Is so true, but resistance gets tensed.
Would it not be hype
If you could use your type
To work for you instead of against?

“Personality Judo” is getting the power of your personality type to work for you instead of against you! Eventually we’ll all
become enlightened and we won’t have any resistance to doing self-work. But until then, it’s helpful to have a boost.
Here are some examples of boosts for each type:

  • 1 (Reformer): Strive toward self-perfection.
  • 2 (Giver): Find someone who needs your help, and the only way you can help them is through self-work.
  • 3 (Performer): Be a Gold Star Self-Worker!
  • 4 (Romantic): “I would know myself in all my parts”
  • 5 (Investigator): “I would investigate myself in all my parts”
  • 6 (Loyal Skeptic): Join a self-work group.
  • 7 (Enthusiast): Make it exciting and fun!
  • 8 (Challenger): What’s more hardcore than annihilating your sense of self and rebuilding it from the ground up?
  • 9 (Peace-Seeker): Make self-work be the flow, then go with the flow.

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