WCME 060: IEA 2016 part 1: Bringing a scientific mindset to the Enneagram

A pre-conference day about science,
Some differ, some shrug in compliance.
There were brilliant quotations,
Some great conversations,
And one patriarchal defiance.

Here are my takeaways from the IEA 2016 Pre-Conference Day with Russ Hudson, Mario Sikora, and Jack Killen.

  • Belief vs. inquiry
  • Interested is a heart quality.
  • Actively receptive in your mind. It transcends and includes discernment and openness.
  • The head center is the least developed. Count gyms vs. philosophy clubs
  • “Real reason has heart in it, but the two aren’t divorced.”
  • Enlightenment is a head thing. It’s illumination.
  • Mental chatter is like static when the radio is not tuned correctly. The right solution is to tune it, not to turn it off.
  • The quiet behind that static is where thinking comes from.
  • Mario: naïve intuition vs. expert intuition
  • Jack: don’t be too enchanted by your models.
  • Russ: Look for the paradox. What transcends and includes both?
  • Use the right knowing tool for the right knowing task.
  • Fast thinking vs. slow thinking
  • What if there are ten types? The nine we know and people for whom the enneagram doesn’t apply?
  • “All genuine development is uncomfortable.” -Russ
  • “Spirituality is often usurped by the ever-popular desire to become a happy baby.” -Russ
  • “Science advances one funeral at a time.” -Max Planck
  • Russ: don’t identify with your type
  • With a scientific perspective, finding out you’re wrong feels like a gain instead of a loss
  • “The heart won’t settle for anything less than the truth. ” -Russ
  • Russ: calculus is a useful language to describe classical physics. Statistics is a useful language to describe quantum physics. What is a useful language to describe subjective experience? Tears of truth!
  • The body creates the space for head and heart to meet.
  • The enneagram is the circle of the unitive mind, the triangle of the discursive mind, the hexad of dynamism.
  • Polarity: “I am my enneagram type” vs. “I am beyond all types.” Try both on at the same time.

List of cognitive biases on Wikipedia

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