WCME 064: IEA part 4 of 4: Helen Palmer, the 3 instincts in relationship, and my impressions of the IEA community

I learned quite a lot on each day,
And made some great friends by the way.
And all this despite
Being quite old and white –
Get hype for the great IEA!

Helen Palmer:

  • “Your type is an adaptive strategy to keep you secure in the world.” -Helen Palmer
  • Identity feels like choosing but it’s really automatic
  • When I get triggered, instead of reacting outwardly, I can center inwardly.
  • The imagination is a true path to next levels of consciousness, if we can just get past our projections.
  • Anchor the castle, invoke the blue fairy, then she begins to sing.
  • Go to the part of your body that has shut down that has enabled the passion to arise. Stay with it and relax.
  • If you have trouble going within, ask “what am I running away from?” Take up a sport and get exhausted.
  • Apply the Enneagram to “be a tube not a bucket” to address the resistance in nine ways
  • That is not a thought. That is the recognition capacity of your inner witness.
  • Don’t go away from it. Go toward it. It’s just a contraction with a bunch of interpretation attached to it.

Instincts in relationship workshop:

  • All the instincts are trying to get needs met from outside. You can redirect and get them met from inside.
  • Self-pres says “please don’t have people over for parties”
  • Social says “sexual beats around the bush but doesn’t ask for what they need”
  • Sexual says “social wants to be heard but rambles and doesn’t get to the point. I want intimacy but not that kind.”

Overall impressions of the IEA community:

  • The IEA community is largely old and white, and the narrative tradition is stuck in 70’s gender roles.
  • Keep the spirit of scientific inquiry; drop the gatekeepers.
  • In order for this community to survive into the next generation, we need to be one community, not an uncomfortable hodgepodge of a spiritual community and an academic community.
  • The backstory about the snow shoveling argument

Previous episode in this series:

You can find the IEA conference here. I’ll be there and I’d love to meet you! -Pace

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