WCME 069: The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st Century Workplace, with Beatrice Chestnut (part 1 of 2)

Bea’s gonna talk; you should heed her.
And tell all your friends who are readers
To pick up her new book,
And give it a look,
To find out the 9 types of leaders.

Beatrice Chestnut gives us an overview of the 9 different leadership styles, and for each Enneagram type, 1 example of how knowing your type can make you a better leader.

  • Who is this for? Answer: “It will help you orient yourself when you get caught up in people problems that you don’t know how to work your way out of.”
  • How is this different from other enneagram workplace books
  • How this can help you know yourself better
  • How this can help you lead others better
  • Yes, it’s got subtypes in it
  • An overview of the leadership styles of each of the following types, and an example of how knowing your type can make you a better leader:
    • 5. The Knowledgeable Observer, or the Quiet Authority
    • 6. The Skeptical, Vigilant Troubleshooter
    • 7. The Innovative, Optimistic Visionary, or Focusing on the Future (and Feeling Festive)
    • 8. The Powerful, Decisive Activator or Moving Things Forward from a Position of Strength

Beatrice ChestnutYou can find Bea at beatricechestnut.com and her new book here.

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