WCML 001 – Live a wild life!

We help spiritual world-changers live wild crazy meaningful lives. Our first 3 episodes will be about each of these: wild, crazy, and meaningful. First up: Wild.

Kelly Kingman of KingmanInk.com drew some dazzling sketchnotes for this podcast! Thanks so much, Kelly!

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This episode also features:

  • What do horses and Doctor Who have in common?
  • Hegel
  • The Monty Python drunken philosophers song
  • LARPing

We apologize for the poor audio quality of this episode! We forgot to change the input source to our good mic, and it used the crappy laptop mic. Episode 2 will sound much better.

Living a wild life means no longer being ruled by fear, stress, and anxiety.

Living a wild life means letting go of being who others expect you to be and having the courage to be yourself – your true self.

Living a wild life means freeing yourself from the chains that keep you stuck, complacent, normal.

Why the world needs you to live a wild life:

  • Maria and her monkeysphere
  • Paradigm Glue
  • the ripple effect

Some of the most common obstacles to living a wild life are:

  1. The habit of seeking validation from others
  2. Feeling pressured by friends, family, and peers to meet their expectations
  3. Fear of the unknown wildness brings up stress and anxiety:
    • Fear of doing it wrong
    • Fear of losing comfort, losing the familiar
    • Fear of being ridiculed
    • Fear that no one will love the real you
    • Fear of losing your job
  4. Living in a culture of conformity – e.g. 9-to-5 jobs
  5. Feeling like wildness is costly, like “doing whatever I want” e.g. travel

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