WCML 002 – Live a crazy life!

We help spiritual world-changers live wild crazy meaningful lives. Our first 3 episodes will be about each of these: wild, crazy, and meaningful. This time: Crazy.

Living a crazy life is what it may look like from the outside when you live a wild life, because you’re no longer acting in a way that makes everyone around you feel comfortable. But on the inside, it doesn’t feel crazy at all – it feels peaceful, adventurous, creative, free.

It’s not really about “crazy” at all – it’s about the usual error. It’s about compassion. And it’s about Pace & Kyeli’s creepy stairway to nowhere.


  • Quitting your cushy, steady job is crazy
  • Vegans are crazy
  • Republicans are crazy
  • Democrats are crazy
  • Tim Ferriss is crazy
  • Jonathan Fields is crazy

with tangents on communication, compassion, “I” statements, and changing the world.

When you think “That’s crazy, I could never do that,” ask yourself “Is that really true?”

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