WCML 003 – Live a meaningful life!

We help spiritual world-changers live wild crazy meaningful lives. Our first 3 episodes will be about each of these: wild, crazy, and meaningful. This time: Meaningful.

Living a meaningful life means following your heart’s calling. Living a meaningful life means choosing your own meaning, not living by anyone else’s. Living a meaningful life means
saying goodbye to those pangs of self-doubt and ennui, those disturbing moments of “What the hell am I doing with my life?” Living a meaningful life means feeling fulfilled every day, knowing deep down in your bones that you are living in alignment with your heart.


  • “What would people say about me at my funeral?” and the inside-out principle
  • Is a guru on a mountaintop living a meaningful life? Pace and Kyeli disagree! (sort of)
  • The Puritan Myth, the Industrial Revolution, and organized religion
  • Maslow’s Pyramid, Maslow’s Basement, and the importance of self-care
  • The triple soul as taught by the Feri tradition
  • Does everyone have a guiding voice inside their heart?
  • What kinds of spiritual practice are effective? Is there one best practice?
  • How to find the meaning inside your heart
  • An on-the-spot guided meditation
  • What to do if you can’t find the meaning inside your heart

Featuring special guests Kady and Phineas, our two cats!

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