WCML 004 – Living in an Instagrammed world

With Liz Lamoreux:

What’s the truth behind the glimpses you see into our lives on Instagram, on Facebook, on our blogs? What are our responsibilities as content consumers? What are our responsibilities as content creators – to avoid stepping on our readers’ toes? To be authentic? – and what does that even mean?

We don’t have a lot of answers, but please join us in the conversation!


  • Pace drags the karaoke machine out of the creepy stairway to nowhere so Kyeli can sing “Instagram Girl” to the tune of Madonna’s “Material Girl”
  • friends vs. fans
  • openness vs. honesty
  • the lie of social media
  • spoiler warnings and trigger warnings
  • the monkeysphere
  • the assumptions we make about people’s lives, and the usual error
  • Andrea Scher as an example of authenticity
  • Jen Louden‘s concept of shadow comfort
  • Pam Slim‘s high council of Jedi Knights, and her freakishly awesome ability to remember everyone and be super sweet to them all
  • What lab rats can teach us about Facebook

Our guest Liz Lamoreux can be found at lizlamoreux.com and the post that inspired this podcast is here.

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