WCML 006 – Fun, fulfilling, aligned

The 3 levels of awesomeness: fun (body/mind), fulfilling (heart), and aligned (soul). You can have fun without it being fulfilling, and you can have fulfillment without being aligned, but once you’re aligned, it all clicks into place.


  • What “insephinous” means and how you can avoid it
  • Pace’s “calling” to work in artificial intelligence – was it a true calling?
  • Kyeli has a live epiphany about the triple soul
  • Pace takes 2 bold stances: anti-killing and pro-heart
  • Feeling worthy of love for who you are, not for what you do
  • “We spend the first halves of our lives building up walls, and the second halves of our lives tearing them down.”
  • Flow, mindfulness, and wholeheartedness

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