WCML 007 – Living a Post-Perfectionist Life

With Julica Hermann:

Where does perfectionism come from, why does it suck so much, and how can we heal from it? How is perfectionism related to shame, vulnerability, and control? Kyeli, in a courageous example of vulnerability, talks about her punctuation perfectionism and her dictation difficulties: feeling ashamed of being disabled and not wanting anyone to know how bad it really is.


  • Pace’s perfectionism origin story
  • perfectionism ends when it’s (1) too much, or (2) too empty
  • original sin
  • the body compass, and how to tell whether you’re getting guidance from your wise self or your tantrum-throwing inner two-year-old
  • we’re all canoes on the ocean


Our guest Julica Hermann can be found at julicahermann.com.

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