WCML 008: Do what you love the most

With Johnny B. Truant:

Remove all the obstacles in the way of doing the thing you love the most. Set up the infrastructure to allow you to do ONLY THAT. Outsource the parts you don’
t love the most, or collaborate with others who have complementary strengths. Johnny tells his story of how he’s gotten to the point where he now writes 40,000 words per week, and loves it. His collaborators write the story architecture and do the editing, so he gets to focus on exactly what he loves the most: writing a rough draft from an outline in paragraph form. We take that example and apply it to anything, to help you do what you love the most.


  • Kyeli’s “snake in the grass” metaphor
  • Optimism and pessimism: where to draw the line
  • Money fear: the most common block to doing what you love the most
  • Putting in your 10,000 hours: the bad news and the good news

Our guest Johnny B. Truant can be found at johnnybtruant.com.

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