WCML 009: Superconditions for greatness

With Dyana Valentine:

Dyana dreams for a living; she’s a professional oracle. We dig into how that works, and then we explore superconditions. What are your superconditions for greatness? What are the pillars of your “why” that allow you to do your best work – or distract you with shininess?


  • “Permission to see you” as a prerequisite for working with you
  • An oracle, but not a slave: Dyana’s Mutual Satisfaction Agreement
  • Superconditions for greatness
  • Dyana helps Pace find one of her superconditions – live! (spoiler: it’s “excavating truth”)
  • Kyeli’s story of mistaking her why for a what
  • A culture obsessed with what and ignoring the why


The backstory behind the craziness at the beginning of the podcast:

I (Pace) have an alarm set for 2:12 which is my “kiss Kyeli” alarm. We created it when we were spending so much time as business partners that we wanted an excuse to remember that we’re romantic partners, too. The alarm went off during the podcast, and Heidi (our lovely assistant who, among other things, edits our podcasts) had the dangerous choice of either leaving it in or cutting it out. Her official position is that she left it in for humor value, but maybe it’s really because she loves Dyana Valentine more. (;

You can find Dyana Valentine at wokeupknowing.com and dyanavalentine.com.

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