WCML 012: Pace’s Spiritual Awakening

With Mark Silver:

Pace shares the story of her spiritual awakening, which happened on 2/21/13. Mark’s reaction is priceless and almost caused us to delete the entire podcast. But luckily for you, we didn’t!

Our guest Mark Silver is the founder of Heart of Business, a totally awesome company that helps small business owners make a healthy profit and a real difference. Mark has been a mentor to us, and a huge slice of our business’s success is due to him. But what’s more relevant to today’s topic is that Mark is a designated Master Teacher in his Sufi lineage, so he brings a Sufi perspective to these wild crazy meaningful experiences.


  • Rest and play (a la Martha Beck in Finding Your Way in a Wild New World)
  • Trust: the foreman and the hammer
  • Attachment and commitment in the physical world is different from attachment to others’ hearts
  • “Nothing good comes from facepalming with a hammer in your hand.” -a deep spiritual teaching
  • Different religions are different paths to the same Source

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