WCML 014: Coming out as yourself

With Tara Swiger:

When you present yourself online, how much do you share about your family, your partner, yourself? If you undershare, people might not really see you. If you overshare, you may distract people, or worse, “vulnerability vomit” all over them. Either way, people are going to make assumptions, and how are those assumptions going to affect you? How much can you reveal and still feel safe? How little can you reveal and still be authentic? It’s basically a process of coming out… as yourself.


  • being a feminist vegan Christian
  • “vulnerability vomit”
  • “What is the purpose of me sharing this?”
  • getting your being-seen needs met
  • Sonia Simone‘s “Zen window”
  • “I’m gonna nonviolently punch you in the face with my vegan hand!”
  • coming out as yourself
  • Pace and Kyeli’s transition from “Pace & Kyeli” to two separate solopreneurs

Tara Swiger helps creative, crafty people share their handmade goodness with the world. You can find her at TaraSwiger.com, and you can read her post about getting your family (+ spouse) to support your business.

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